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This year's conference will be taking place at Le Chatelain Hotel Brussels 


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Currently confirmed to speak at Plasticisers 2014 include:



David Vink, Freelance journalist


David Vink holds a Diploma in Business Studies (HND) and a Diploma in Marketing (Institute of Marketing). His plastics industry experience commenced in 1972 with Bakelite Ltd in the United Kingdom as Export Sales Representative involved with international sales of thermosetting laminates, primarily in copper clad form as basis material for printed circuitry. This involved travel mainly within European but also to Asian markets.

He moved to GE Plastics [today as Sabic Innovative Plastics] in The Netherlands in 1977, where he was responsible during the following 10 years as Market Development and Industry Development Specialist for business and application development of engineering thermoplastics within the electrical, electronics, cable and telecommunications markets. These responsibilities extended primarily over the whole of Europe, but also involved travel in specific development project support in North America.

In 1988 he joined the German office of ECC International [today as Imerys] in Düsseldorf and spent the following 10 years as firstly Technical Service & Development Manager, then as Polymer Development Manager and finally as Market Development Manager Polymers. He was involved with marketing of fillers mainly for the plastics and rubber industries in Germany and later also with special projects in the plastics industry throughout Europe, such as PP compounds with enhanced scratch-hiding performance and BMC/SMC low-profile formulations for enhanced surface appearance.

His experience within the plastics industry prepared him for his career in journalism as Senior Editor based in Germany for European Plastics News, which he joined in 1998. Following retirement in February 2012, he still contributes today as a freelance journalist with reports and articles published in print and in Internet for Plastics News Global Group publications: European Plastics News, Plastics & Rubber Weekly in the UK, Plastics News in the USA.

Aside from his editorial responsibilities, David has chaired a number of conferences organised by European Plastics News and its sister publications.

Maggie Saykali, Advocacy Director, CEFIC

Maggie Saykali holds a degree in chemical engineering from the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles).

Following a two-year post-graduate research project at the ULB department of polymer science, Maggie has gained extensive international experience working in technical and commercial roles for 18 years in the PVC and additives industry. She then moved on to the polyolefin industry where she was the marketing manager for the Healthcare and Caps & closure applications at Borealis.

In 2009, Maggie joined CEFIC (The European Chemical Industry Council) as sector group manager and in April 2013 she has been appointed Advocacy Director for the Cefic Petrochemistry and Plastics Additives programme.

Stéphane Content, Sector Group Manager, ECPI

Stéphane is graduated in Chemistry and got his PhD in 1998 from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. His work enabled the development of substances potentially active for cancer photo-therapy.

He also did a post doctoral stay for 2 years in the US, at UCSD. His work contributed to the development of sensors for landmines detection.
He then worked for 11 years at Procter & Gamble in analytical, product design and process development department for the development of liquid detergent.

He joined Cefic in 2011 and supported CES, Silicones Europe for 2 years before starting as Manager of ECPI in August 2013.

Eckard Heisler, Evonik Industries


Dr Anna Lennquist, Toxicologist, Chemsec 

Anna Lennquist holds a PhD in ecotoxicology from the University of Gothenburg, where she also studied journalism. Besides from research, she was also teaching and worked with scientific communication. Anna joined ChemSec in 2011 where she first focused on developing SUBSPORT, the Substitution Support Portal. She is the project manager of the SIN List project since 2013.

Dr Holger Koch, Scientific Head of Laboratory, Biomonitoring Centre of Toxicology, The Research Institute for Prevention and Occupational Medicine of the German Social Accident Insurance 

Dr Koch is Head of Laboratory of the Human Biomonitoring Department at the Institute for Prevention and Occupational Medicine (IPA) – Institute of the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. He is member of the German Human Biomonitoring Commission of the Federal Environment Agency and also member of the Working Group ‘Analyses of Hazardous Substances in Biological Materials’ of the German DFG MAK-Commission. Furthermore, he is in the advisory board of the large –scale cooperation project on Human Biomonitoring between the German Ministry for the Environment and the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI).

This project aims to develop adequate Biomonitoring methods for 50 jointly selected substances (among them plasticizers such as DINCH, DPHP, terephthalates, trimellitates and adipates) within the next 10 years and to apply these methods in relevant population studies. In the U.S. he has been member of the Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel on Phthalates (CHAP) of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) with the final report having been released in July 2014.

Dr Koch is in the editorial board of the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (Nature PG), of the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health (Elsevier) and of Environment International (Elsevier). Dr. Koch and his group (of currently 2 post-docs and 4 PhD students) have authored around 80 highly cited scientific publications on human toxikokinetics, human biomonitoring and exposure assessment of substances like phthalates, phthalate substitutes, parabens and bisphenol A.

André Schütze, The Research Institute for Prevention and Occupational Medicine of the German Social Accident Insurance

André Schütze, has worked in the field of environmental and occupational exposure science with the focus on human biomonitoring for 5 years. Currently he is a Ph.D. student at the Institute for Prevention and Occupational Medicine, an institute of the Ruhr-University Bochum and has served as Student Councillor and Chair of the Student and New Researchers Committee of the International Society of Exposure Science (ISES).

His Ph.D. thesis on the exposure assessment to diisononylcyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylate ester (DINCH) is part of a major cooperation project between the German Federal Ministry for Environment (BMU) and the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI). He has already published several international peer-reviewed papers on DINCH, DPHP and other chemicals of occupational and environmental relevance. His current work at the IPA encompasses the whole plasticizer arena including phthalates and phthalate substitutes.


PD Dr Dominik Klein, Institute of Molecular Toxicology and Pharmacology, Helmholtz Zentrum München, München

Dominik Klein obtained his diploma in chemistry at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and his PhD at the Technische Universität München. He made his habilitation in toxicology at the Technische Universität München and is recognized as an “Expert in Toxicology (DGPT)” and as a “European Registered Toxicologist”. Dominik Klein works as a toxicologist at the Institute of Molecular Toxicology and Pharmacology of the Helmholtz Zentrum München and at the Institute of Toxicology and Environmental Hygiene of the Technische Universität München.


Ole Grondahl Hansen, Director, PVC Information Council Denmark and Project Leader, PVCMed Alliance 

Ole Grøndahl Hansen is master of Arts in literature from Copenhagen University. Since 1995 general manager of PVC Information Council DK . Ole has been working with PVC related issues for almost a quarter of a century. Main areas of interest is the use of PVC in medical application, recycling, social media, PVC in art and design.

Since 2012 Project Manager of The PVCMed Alliance: The European PVC industry chain platform for dialogue about the use of PVC in health care. Actively managing the Twitter account of the alliance: @PVCMed

A member of the European PVC Network. Advisory board member of European Medical Device Technology. Member of ECVM/VinylPlus Communication Commitee. In 2009 chairman of the industry judging panel of Vinyl 2010 essay competition for young people. Member of the board of WUPPI. (Danish PVC recycling organisation). Member of the Steering group of the PRIMI project (Plastics Research and Innovation for Museums and Industry). Together with Danish National Gallery and others.

Roger Mottram, Group Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Manager, INEOS ChlorVinyls

Roger Mottram, Group Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Manager, INEOS ChlorVinyls. Roger joined ICI in 1984 after graduating with First Class Honours in Materials Science from Bradford University and has worked in the chemical and polymers industry ever since.

Roger has held a variety of technical, commercial and communications roles, but has specialised in environmental and regulatory affairs activities for the PVC industry for the past 20 years. With the coming together of INEOS Chlor and INEOS Vinyls in 2006 Roger's environmental and regulatory affairs role has been extended to cover all chlor-alkali products and derivatives.

Roger is currently active on many industry committees especially with the BPF (as Chairman of the BPF Vinyls Group), ECVM (as Chairman of the Applications Committee and Communications Committee), PlasticsEurope, Euro Chlor, ECSA, and the Chlorinated Paraffins Sector Group (as Chairman).

In 2013 Roger was awarded the BPF Gold medal for outstanding service to the plastics industry.

Roger is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Metallurgy and Mining, and is registered as a Chartered Environmentalist.

Roger is married with two children (aged 16 and 13)

Dr Gerard Swaen, Department of Complex Genetics, Maastricht University

Gerard Swaen is an associate Professor in Epidemiology at the Maastricht University, in Maastricht, The Netherlands. He received his epidemiology training at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health in Baltimore USA (MPH in 1981), as part of a three year fellowship  from the Dutch Cancer Foundation and at the Maastricht University in The Netherlands (PhD in 1989).

After having received his PhD in epidemiology he was offered a tenure track position at Occupational Medicine Department of the Maastricht University and he was granted an associate professorship in the Epidemiology Department.

In 2004 Dr. Swaen joined the Dow Chemical Company as a senior epidemiologist with responsibilities in the fields of agricultural chemicals, hydrocarbons, polyurethanes and organic solvents.  Due to a large restructuring at Dow in 2013 he joined Exponent, a leading consulting firm. In April 2014 he returned to the Maastricht University, where he now holds a part-time position again with the rank of associate professor at the Department of Complex Genetics. 

Dr. Swaen’s main field of research are the potential long term adverse health effects of human exposure to chemicals. He has conducted longitudinal studies on worker populations exposed to coke oven emissions, silica, acrylonitrile, benzene, carbon disulphide, dieldrin and aldrin, pesticides, acrylamide and ethylene oxide.
Dr. Swaen is also interested in epidemiologic research methodology and has published various papers on this topic.

He currently is a member of two committees of the Dutch Health Council, including the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Standards, and the Committee on the Classification of Carcinogenic Substances. Dr. Swaen currently is involved in several projects sponsored by industry.

Hans Wendschlag, Environmental Manager, Hewlett-Packard



Lawrence Theunissen, Manager Application Development, Reverdia



Linda-Jean Cockcroft, Chair, DEHP Authorisation Task Force 

Nigel J. Sarginson, Oxo Europe REACH and Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs Advisor, ExxonMobil Petroleum and  Chemical BVBA

Nigel Sarginson has worked for ExxonMobil for 32 years in positions in environmental management, technology, product stewardship and toxicology. He is currently the REACH and Product Stewardship manager for the ExxonMobil  Plasticiser business, located in Brussels Belgium. Nigel is chair of the Advocacy and Communications Group of the European Council of Plasticisers and Intermediates (ECPI), and represents ECPI on the Board of the VinylPlus Sustainability Initiative.   Nigel was a member of the ISO standards committee responsible for developing the first ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard.  He is the author of the original ExxonMobil “Green Book” -  A Practical Guide to Protecting Man and the Environment. Nigel was formerly chair of the European Solvents Industry Group and the American Solvents Council. 

Liesbeth Timmermans, Environmental Law Manager, Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council)

Liesbeth Timmermans has been working in the legal department of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) since January 2013. In Cefic, she is in charge of environmental law, general administrative law and internal market rules and procedures. She is also in charge of following the broader legislative policy of the EU institutions in the chemical sector (Smart Regulation). Liesbeth holds a master degree in European law and is fluent in English, French, Dutch and Spanish. 

Francesco Tarantino, Plant manager of Vinyloop Ferrara S.p.A., Solvay

Francesco with his title of industrial engineer at “Université du travail de Charleroi (B)”, began his career with Solvay in 1983 in the Vinyl Chloride Monomer production, then H2O2 and then sodium perborate with an expatriation in Houston (USA). He starts his career in recycling PVC in 2002 as a Process Engineer in Ferrara.

He took care to optimize this pilot plant classified Seveso 2 – art. 8, to reach today a level of maturity for the scale-up for an industrial plant following the waste to be treated.

Francesco currently holds the position of Plant manager since 2009 and continues the challenge to optimize this pilot plant.




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